Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Job done!!

Tuesday 26th May 2015 - kick off 12 noon

Venue: maggie's Nottingham

We visited the Maggie's centre in the City Hospital campus to present our cheque to Fundraising Organiser Helen Studholme and volunteer Janet Kitson. It may look to be a decent sum of money, but £850.00 seems such an insignificant amount when you witness the level of support that is on offer. 

Kev - you always have to get a sneaky one in, don't you!!!

As soon as we walked through the door, we were greeted like old friends - even though we had never previously met any of the people involved with the centre - and it's wasn't about the money either - I reckon we could have gone in with a tenner and still have received the same welcome. 

Wear the baseball cap - or else!!

Me, Janet and Kev

Me and Janet

A.N. Wallis donation totalled £138.00 -  thank you so much for your support

Me and Helen promoting the Wallis brand!!

Maggie's is place to drop in when lives are affected by cancer - and it was so poignant meeting Sharon Dent there today of all days.  Sharon and hubby Chris have both donated generously to the maggie's fund, and such an irony that they find themselves in need of the support that is on hand at the centre. Heanor Town fan Chris is a real gentle giant (I dubbed him the "Tall-Lad" a few seasons ago), and I'm sure all involved with the club, and anyone who knows him will join me and Kev in wishing him all the very best, and hope to see him back at the Town Ground sooner rather than later.....

We would like to take this opportunity thank everyone who gave so freely to the fund. These donations made a massive difference to the final tally, but Kev and I both worked hard throughout the season to get in as many games as we possibly could - actually managing 130 matches with 533 goals - not too dusty, eh?  

Hope all our blog friends have a great summer - will no doubt be seeing you at pre-season games when they begin early July - until then.........

Tall Lad - you will remain in our thoughts until we meet again. See you soon!